The Youth Emmaus group spent the last weekend in July at Soul Survivor – a Christian youth conference in Stafford – and came back buzzing with tales about their experiences. Meanwhile back in the Circuit we had a terrific start to our local 2014 summer holiday activities when fifty eight children and their families came to the Mega Messy Church at Waterloo Methodist Church

The theme was ‘In Deep Water’, focusing on the story of Moses. Activities included: creating an Egyptian headdress; adding handprints to a giant burning bush picture and making a plague of frogs using origami, googly eyes, rice and green balloons. After some games and the celebration everyone was invited to stay for tea – we had chicken nuggets and beans rather than quail and manna!



The fun continued with the ‘Showstoppers’ holiday club at Stalybridge. Wearing bright red t-shirts, with the ‘Showstoppers’ logo, over 50 children learnt a brilliant theme song; made helmets and lion masks; enjoyed some delicious edible crafts (that haven’t made it all the way home); watched DVD clips about creation, David, Daniel and Jesus; played some drama games; made a den; decorated Christmas trees; watched a drama play and rehearsed their parts ready for the show which took place at 7pm on the Friday 8th August.


On Monday 11th August twenty two guests from the local community attended the Holiday at Home’ event on ‘HMS Hurst’. This was a day out for older people held at Hurst Methodist Church . The premises were decorated with seaside scenery and a sound track of waves and seagull noises was played as the guest arrived. Participants had the opportunity to reminisce about past holidays and day trips, to enjoy fish & chips and ice cream, to take part in quizzes and a game of bingo, and to be entertained by some of the young people from Youth Emmaus. The entertainment included saxophone playing, beatbox and a rendition of ‘Donald where’s your trousers’. The songs ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ and ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’ were played during the day. Other volunteers from the local churches helped to provide transport and to brew up. Everyone had a great time – on the way home one of the guests commented that,  "a day out like this makes you feel ten years younger!"

Part of the Mega Messy Church at Trinity on Wednesday 13th August took the form of a Great British Bake Off with participants challenged to make their own edible treasure maps and delicious octopus cakes (made with fairy cakes, cherries and sweetie laces). The gooey treasure hunt - where the children had to put their hand in 6 pints of jelly in order to fish out their prize - proved to be very successful with the girls!  Other activities included face painting, pirate themed crafts and games. The celebration explored the parable of the hidden treasure and the afternoon ended with a meal of fish fingers and potato bites.





We completed our ten days of summer holiday activities with magic and circus skills workshops at Dukinfield and West End Methodist Churches . The participants (aged between 5 and 13) learnt how to juggle with silks and balls, had a go at riding a unicycle and a monkey bike, walked on stilts, balanced a peacock feather, took part in a light and dark show, met Bonnie the animatronic bunny, discovered how to perform a vanishing trick and practised spinning plates.  

A big thank you to all of the volunteers who made these events happen.






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