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God’s Love is Out Of This World!

Mossley and Hurst Holiday Bible Club 2010

The ‘Starship Discovery’ took off at Mossley church on Monday 9th August. The club ran for three mornings 12.30 and had forty two children registered.

The HBC Team consisted of over twenty helpers from both churches who had been meeting and planning for four months previously. A BIG thanks goes to all who contributed to the process and the running of the club.

Adults chose to attach themselves to groups for teaching, art/ craft, games/drama, crèche, catering, and registration/accounting. They then planned in their own groups, regularly coming together to co-ordinate activities.

The theme for the club this year was ‘God’s Love is Out Of This World!’ and we explored this by following three stories featuring Simon Peter’s encounters with Jesus.

Day 1: ‘Blast Off’ looked at ‘Turning’ – the fisherman becoming a fisher of men – his life changed completely by letting Christ into his life.

Day 2: ‘Beam Me Up’ looked at trusting – Peter walking on the water to Jesus but then running out of trust!

Day 3: ‘Tripping’ looked at how Jesus saves and forgives us – even Peter disowned Jesus three times and yet He did great things through Peter and He can do great things through us!

Each day began with an act of worship to set the scene – the puppets Larry Lujah and his sister Barbara were a great help here! A Bible memory verse was learned each day and prayers said in these sessions and, as ever, there were lots of songs to enjoy. Perhaps the most popular was ‘Here We Go!’  which included the count down to blast off.

The children then rotated through the three groups (one of which included a delicious snack!) before coming back to meet for a final worship session just before lunch. Parents were invited to join us for the acts of worship and for the Wednesday evening Celebration Service which was extremely well supported.

To encourage the children to think of others, we held a collection for the Haiti Appeal which is forming the basis for the Harvest Project this year through the Methodist Relief and Development Fund. With the surplus from registration, lunches and CD sales added to the collection, a wonderful total of £107.90 was raised.

See you all again in 2011. 
Roger Wright.