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Sunday Worship 10am

Mid-week Communion usually Thursday 3pm (check)

Coffee Morning first Saturday each month 10am  - 12noon


Ashton-under-Lyne Methodist Circuit has just started a new 
social group for anyone aged 18 or over.
The group meet on the 4th Sunday of each month 
at Hurst Methodist Church, at 7pm

If you already know God or would like to get to know Him; 
or you just want somewhere to come and unwind, 
please do join us. 


Previous Activities at Hurst 


Hurst Methodist Church - Messy Remembrance

On Wednesday 5th November the pupils from Year 5 at Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School came to Hurst for Messy Remembrance. One class came in the morning and the the in the afternoon.

During the sessions everyone considered the questions: 

‘What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?' and 
'What difference should this day make to each of us?'

The activities included:

•           Colouring poppy crosses 


•           Folding peace cranes
•           Creating edible poppies
•           Designing messy memos
•           Shaping peace sculptures


•           Painting hand print poppies

•           Writing a prayer for the peace tree

•           Experimenting with oil and water to see how
            two opposites can be brought together

The children were encouraged to listen out for the sound of the air raid siren and take cover under the tables until the all clear sounded.

After about three quarters of an hour everyone gathered together for a snack (the edible poppies) and then a chance to test our memories as well as thinking about the things that the Bible says about remembrance.


We learnt actions to accompany the international prayer for peace and sang ‘Together as one’ and ‘May you find peace’.

It was a great day – thanks to everyone who helped out – and all of the children who were a real credit to their school.

Easter Experience 2014

Members of the Ashton Methodist Circuit have been working together to provide an Easter Experience for children from 4 local schools.

Pupils from Year 5 at Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School visited Hurst Methodist Church on Ash Wednesday. Waterloo Methodist Church was the venue for Year 5 pupils from Waterloo Primary School the following Friday and then the next week pupils from both Milton St John Primary School and Livingstone Primary School made the trip to Mossley Methodist Church.

When they arrived the children were put into small groups in which they spent an hour exploring aspects of the Easter Story. They met with different storytellers as they were guided around a series of five interactive displays designed to help them visualise the stories of Palm Sunday; Jesus washing the disciples’ feet; the Last Supper; Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane ; and the crucifixion. Lively Easter music was then played as they came together in one big group to hear about the miracle of the resurrection. 


At the end of the session the pupils were asked to empathise with the women who came to the tomb on Easter Day – they described emotions such as shock, sadness, fear, amazement and delight. They thought about the roller-coaster of experiences from being petrified to rejoicing. They also had the chance to articulate which station had been their favourite and explain why, for instance: ‘It was good when we dried each other hands because it helps you realise how important it is to do things to help others.’  When they were asked if they had any questions, one girl replied ‘Can we come again?’

Rev’d Julie Coates said: ‘It was wonderful to see the way in which the children, staff from the schools and all of those involved in organising the sessions were engaged with the story. Everyone was moved and inspired by Experience Easter.’

Experience Easter was piloted by the Diocese of Gloucester, for more details see


Rosehill Year 5 - Ash Wednesday 2013

On a snowy Ash Wednesday morning 45 pupils from Year 5 at Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School made their way to Hurst Methodist Church to experience a series of prayer stations.

In the centre of the worship space they were able to write the name of someone who was in pain onto a plaster and stick it onto the Cross. 

  Around the edges of the room they:

  • collected seeds to plant,

  • wrote some bad things in the sand and wiped them away – 
    or on an acetate and washed them away, 


  • watched an effervescent tablet dissolve as they prayed 
    about their own anger, 


  • wrote their big questions on pieces of card and their good news on heart-shaped paper chains,

There was also a space to just sit on the carpet and look at books and pictures. Quiet music played in the background.

After having the chance to have a go at a couple of craft activities, including making very sticky ‘sugar string eggs’, they enjoyed a snack before taking part in an Ashing Service.

The School Chaplain, Rev’d Julie Coates said: "This was a wonderful experience to be part of – some very moving prayers were written and some deep and difficult questions articulated. Despite the weather children (and staff) loved the morning and can’t wait to come again."




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