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Mossley Methodist Church 3rd - 7th April

Fifty seven local children had a great week of fun and games at the ‘Go M.A.D!’ (Make A Difference) holiday club! The week was  full of crafts, drama, music, puppets, puzzles, quizzes, games and Bible stories.

Each day there was an episode of a drama play starring Doctor Phew and his assistant Hannah – complete with their Tardis. The Tardis also doubled as a puppet theatre so that the children could catch up with the daily adventures of Larry and Barbara.

The children spent time every day learning about some of the Biblical characters who did unusual things much to the amazement of those around them. Inspired by these stories, and contemporary examples from Christian Aid, each child recorded a statement declaring what they would like to do to Make A Difference in our world today.

When asked what they liked best about Go M.A.D! one of the children said,
I loved the crafts at the start’, others stated ‘I liked the games’ and one addedI loved all of it!'

Parents commented on how their children couldn’t stop talking about the club when they got home. One said: ‘My children both really enjoyed it this week. Thank you. It has exceeded our expectations.’

Thanks go to all of the volunteers from the Ashton-under-Lyne Methodist Circuit who freely gave of their time to make the week a success.

Rev’d Julie Coates
Superintendent Minister,


Reports on Activities in 2016


Fifty five local children have had a great week of fun and games at the ‘Adventure Cruise’ holiday club at Mossley Methodist Church ! The week was full of crafts, drama, music, puppets, puzzles, quizzes, games and Bible stories and was organised by a brilliant team of volunteers from the Ashton-under-Lyne Methodist Circuit.

Each day there was an episode of a drama play starring Grandma Watt and her two grandchildren Rick and Wendy. During their cruise they foiled a plot by some pirates.

When asked what they liked best about The Adventure Cruise the children said:
           ‘Watching the Watt Family and singing and making the treasure

 ‘I liked the Watt Family and the games.’

Others added:

‘The most important thing that I learnt is that Jesus always listens to you.’

‘The most important thing is that Jesus is friends with Zach [Zacchaeus]’

Parents were very appreciative and commented on how much their children had enjoyed the week and had grown in confidence through the activities. The club started at 2:00 p.m. and some children apparently spent all morning asking if it was time to get ready yet!

Thanks to everyone who gave up their time last week to support this work.  

 Julie Coates  


Reports on Activities in 2015


55 children attended the ‘Jungle Jamboree’ holiday club at Mossley every morning from 3rd - 8th August.

All of the children were given a green T-shirt with the ‘Jungle Jamboree’ logo - and lots of opportunities to have fun through games, craft, drama and music.

The children were all in teams, which they themselves named ‘The Cheeky Chimps’, ‘Monkey Madness’ ,‘The Lionesses’, ‘Mischievous Monkeys’, ‘Jungle Stars’ and ‘Curious Koalas’.

Lots of activities with an jungle theme were on offer, as well as visits from the Wacky Watt Family who tried to find their way through the ‘jungle‘ that was created inside the church.  There were also visits from Larry and Barbara - two puppets who experienced some intriguing mix-ups.



The club was organised by a brilliant team of volunteers from the 
Ashton- under-Lyne Methodist Circuit; Superintendent Minister, The Rev’d Julie Coates, said: 

‘There was a real buzz about the place, everyone was having fun. During the week we learnt together about some of the parables, the stories that Jesus told like the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son, and exploring their meaning for us today.’   Rev Julie Coates

On the final morning there was a special Prize Giving Ceremony at the Church where friends and family members came along to find out what we had been getting up to all week.


Commenting on the club the children said:

'I liked doing the crafts best.'

'I absolutely loved the games we did.'

'It was awesome.'

'It was fun and not boring.'




Activity reports from 2014

Mossley Town Scarecrow Festival 2014

The town's annual Scarecrow Festival took place on 13th and 14th September with scarecrows placed around the town on the theme of 'Musicals'.

Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School's, Joseph and His Technicoloured Dream Coat,  displayed in Mossley Methodist Church, took 1st prize in the Community Organisation Category.

Well done to all the children who designed it and also to Miss Whyborn and Mrs McGinn for all their help.


Fifty children attended the Xpedition Force Holiday Club at Mossley Methodist Church which ran from 7th – 11th April 2014. The children, aged between 4 and 11 years, were all given a T-shirt with the club logo - and lots of opportunities to have fun through games, craft, drama and music.


They watched an episode of a drama play every day in which they met Dr Hill and his companions, who were journeying up the dangerous mountain Ecksmount. The children took great delight in pelting them with paper snow balls.

Every day culminated with a ‘Messy Challenge’ which included activities like eating bananas covered in squirty cream without using hands, spelling words out of alphabet spaghetti and fishing pictures out of custard. Loads of children volunteered for these challenges and earned certificates for taking part.


During the week those who attended heard about the experience of Jesus from the Palm Sunday parade into Jerusalem right up to the story of the resurrection.

Revd Julie Coates said 'Xpedition Force was organised by a great team of volunteers from the Methodist Churches in the Ashton-under-Lyne Circuit. It was a fun filled and challenging week which gave the children and the helpers the chance to engage with the story of the first Easter.'

The children who came gave some great feedback:

‘I loved it, the drama was cliffhanging.’

‘The games were amazing.’

‘I loved playing the games and having fun.’

And the parents gave us these comments:

‘My child has had a fantastic time and really enjoyed himself. Thank you.’

‘This was a wonderful idea which helped children integrate with others in a fun way. Xpedition Force was fabulous.’


Easter Experience

Members of the Ashton Methodist Circuit have been working together to provide an Easter Experience for children from 4 local schools.

Pupils from Year 5 at Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School visited Hurst Methodist Church on Ash Wednesday. Waterloo Methodist Church was the venue for Year 5 pupils from Waterloo Primary School the following Friday and then the next week pupils from both Milton St John Primary School and Livingstone Primary School made the trip to Mossley Methodist Church.

When they arrived the children were put into small groups in which they spent an hour exploring aspects of the Easter Story. They met with different storytellers as they were guided around a series of five interactive displays designed to help them visualise the stories of Palm Sunday; Jesus washing the disciples’ feet; the Last Supper; Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane ; and the crucifixion. Lively Easter music was then played as they came together in one big group to hear about the miracle of the resurrection. 


At the end of the session the pupils were asked to empathise with the women who came to the tomb on Easter Day – they described emotions such as shock, sadness, fear, amazement and delight. They thought about the roller-coaster of experiences from being petrified to rejoicing. They also had the chance to articulate which station had been their favourite and explain why, for instance: ‘It was good when we dried each other hands because it helps you realise how important it is to do things to help others.’  When they were asked if they had any questions, one girl replied ‘Can we come again?’

Rev’d Julie Coates said: ‘It was wonderful to see the way in which the children, staff from the schools and all of those involved in organising the sessions were engaged with the story. Everyone was moved and inspired by Experience Easter.’

Experience Easter was piloted by the Diocese of Gloucester, for more details see







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