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Gillian Simm



Ash Wednesday at Hurst

On a snowy Ash Wednesday morning 45 pupils from Year 5 at Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School made their way to Hurst Methodist Church to experience a series of prayer stations.

In the centre of the worship space they were able to write the name of someone who was in pain onto a plaster and stick it onto the Cross. 

  Around the edges of the room they:

  • collected seeds to plant,

  • wrote some bad things in the sand and wiped them away – 
    or on an acetate and washed them away, 


  • watched an effervescent tablet dissolve as they prayed 
    about their own anger, 


  • wrote their big questions on pieces of card and their good news on heart-shaped paper chains,

There was also a space to just sit on the carpet and look at books and pictures. Quiet music played in the background.

After having the chance to have a go at a couple of craft activities, including making very sticky ‘sugar string eggs’, they enjoyed a snack before taking part in an Ashing Service.

The School Chaplain, Rev’d Julie Coates said: "This was a wonderful experience to be part of – some very moving prayers were written and some deep and difficult questions articulated. Despite the weather children (and staff) loved the morning and can’t wait to come again."



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