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Outstanding Church School
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Rosehill opened in September 2003,  in a brand new building 
designed to meet the needs of children in the 21stC, and
replaced the old Hurst Infant School and Hurst Methodist Junior School

The School caters for pupils from 3 to 11 years of age and has a 26 place 
nursery which offers sessions each morning and each afternoon.

Rosehill is a Methodist Academy and has its own Chaplain, Rev Julie Coates,
who visits regularly and supports the school community in a variety of ways.
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Education Wednesday at Rosehill 

On 26th September 2018 we celebrated Education Wednesday at Rosehill with a special assembly. Guests representing each of the seven churches in the Ashton under Lyne Circuit came to join with the children in singing 
Together as One’ and ‘Give it All You’ve Got’. 

Barbara Muir, one of our Local Preachers, led a prayer thanking God for the gift of education and then Rev’d Julie Coates linked each of the Year Groups with a different Church community. The Church members will pray for the children during the year and will be delighted to attend events organised by those classes. The pupils were challenged to find out all they could about the Church with which they are ‘twinned’.

Below is a record of the partnerships:

Nursery and Reception – West End Methodist Church

Year 1 – Dukinfield Methodist Church

Year 2 – Stalybridge Methodist Church

Year 3 – Hurst Methodist Church

Year 4 – Mossley Methodist Church

Year 5 – Trinity Church, Audenshaw

Year 6 – Waterloo Methodist Church

The film below about Methodist Schools was shown at the 2017 Methodist Conference in Birmingham, it features some children from Rosehill School as well as former Executive Head Gillian Simm and Rev Julie Coates, Rosehill Chaplain and Governor.


   Authenticity is key

Rev’d Julie Coates writes about Authentic Partnership in her role as Rosehill Chaplain and Governor

When I arrived at Rosehill in 2010 the role of chaplain within the school was already well established and supported by the Ashton Circuit. Volunteers from the churches come into school to listen to readers or run clubs. Other members exchange letters with the children and come into school for coffee mornings to meet their pen-pals.

Pupils from the school visit Hurst Methodist Church for an ‘Experience Journey’ (a resource published by Jumping Fish). Over a two year period helpers from around the Circuit are able to offer interactive storytelling and reflective activities that encourage pupils to ‘experience’ Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest.

The school choir takes part in a Café Church at Easter and Christmas at Mossley Methodist Church. The Executive Head Teacher is a regular speaker at the Mens’ Fellowship and the Tuesday Group at Stalybridge Methodist Church . A member from Dukinfield Methodist Church made banners for use in Collective Worship at the school. Some Worship Leaders reported on the prayer spaces currently set up in the classrooms.

The school premises and grounds have been used for Circuit Fun Days for the local community. At such events we have offered a free BBQ, crafts, games or sports coaching. Some staff from the school work alongside Circuit volunteers to arrange these events.

Another member of the Circuit and I serve as Foundation Governors, though there are some responsibilities that I do not undertake, such as involvement with disciplinary issues, so that I can maintain a pastoral role.

                                                                    Governors committee meeting

So is this an authentic partnership?

Yes, because authenticity is a key element of chaplaincy - what you say and do and how you journey alongside others as they explore the big questions of life has to be genuine.

Yes, because it is two-way - both the School and the Circuit benefit from this relationship. For instance, under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools a Methodist School is required to have an appreciation of the ministry of John Wesley and of what it really means to be a Methodist today. Church members can help the school to explore these topics and in so doing are challenged in their own knowledge and practise. 

pupils dressed as John Wesley

In so many ways the work that I’m privileged to be a part of in Rosehill feeds my ministry and my work in the churches and community. Illustrated by this story …

Godly Play is currently being incorporated into the RE curriculum. I share a story with a couple of members of staff who then take that story and pass it on to a group of pupils. A key part of the process is the opportunity to ‘wonder’ together with the children about the story that has been shared. The open ended questions used for this begin with the words ‘I wonder …’ for instance ‘I wonder what you like best about this story?’, and ‘I wonder which is the most important part?’

Sadly, the father of one of these members of staff died recently. She asked me to take the funeral and when we were preparing the service she suggested that I include one of the special ‘I wonder’ questions followed by a short pause just before the prayers. It’s hard to describe how moved I felt by this request. I usually encourage a moment of quiet for people to think about their own memories of the deceased, but this time I prefaced it with the words ‘I wonder what your favourite memory of your loved one is?’ and ‘I wonder which memory you will treasure the most?’ She told me later that many people were able to come up to her afterwards and tell her what they had been thinking about.

I’d shared something precious with her – and she showed me a whole new meaning to it. That’s authentic partnership.

Rosehill Values Tree

Courage - Compassion - Friendship 
Generosity - Forgiveness - Respect

This article is also included in the Methodist Church Magazine The Connexion, Summer 2016, page 23.





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