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  The Journeys

Journey to Japan

Japan – land of the rising sun. Your visit will probably take you to Tokyo, centre of Japanese culture, or Kyoto to visit the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, a ride on a bullet train, travelling at 320km/hr, the beautiful Bamboo Forests at Arashiyama, or the Peace memorial at Hiroshima.

Arranger: Shirley Milligan
Sponsor: Coffee & Chat

Journey to the Emerald Isle

The term Emerald Isle stems from the country’s rolling green hills and lush landscapes. Having been awed by the beauty of Ireland, Johnny Cash, on his plane journey back to the US in 1961, wrote a song – Forty Shades of Green.

Arranger: Shirley Milligan
Sponsor: Geoff & Irene Tansey-Harrop

Around the World Cruise

A dream holiday for many, a reality for a few, is the luxury of going on an around the world cruise. To cruise from place to place, island to island, enjoying the sights and sounds of many different countries and cultures as the ship docks at each destination.

Arrangers: Linda Gorst & Charlotte Collier
Sponsors: May Cross & Family

The Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle’s children’s storybook tells the story of the journey of a caterpillar through to a butterfly, each day munching through initially different fruit until on Saturday’s feast day of a delightful variety of foods. This beautiful book can be a metaphor for our lives from caterpillar to chrysalis and finally to butterfly – often a symbol of resurrection.

Arranger: Barbara McCallum
Sponsors: Milestone Family

From Galilee to Gethsemane – a spiritual journey

Some of us are fortunate enough to take a pilgrimage of this journey, retracing the footsteps of Jesus, following in the places where he walked, talked and taught his own disciples.  All of us are invited to not just take physical journey’s in life, but also to have a spiritual journey. Some may start their spiritual journey with Jesus as children in Sunday school, others may come to faith much later in life. When does not matter, what matters is that we know we are loved by God with an unconditional and an everlasting love.

Arrangers: Sandra Birchall , Marjorie Jones and 
Margaret Thorp
Sponsors: Dukinfield Methodist Church

Journey to Paris

Paris is often portrayed as one of the most romantic cities in the world: You can enjoy its monument-lined boulevards, museums, classical bistros and boutiques and sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe guarding the Avenue des Champs-Elysee, Notre Dame Cathedral, the lamplit bridges spanning the Seine and Art Nouveau cafes.

It is known also as the city of light, not for romantic reasons but because it was the first big city to light up its streets at night with gas lamps.

Arranger: Shirley Charlottes
Sponsor: Tameside Pilates

Journey across the Antarctic

Some of the most difficult and arduous journeys made must be those of the explorers who have gone to the North and South Poles. It calls for great stamina and courage to trek across ice and snow in the remotest parts of our world in temperatures well below freezing point. 

Arranger: Brenda Wardle
Sponsor: Stalybridge Men’s Fellowship


The well-known poem Footprints can be found on all sorts of merchandise nowadays and has even been made into a song. This poem speaks of a journey of footprints and a journey along a beach. This poem reminds us that in the most difficult of times God carries us and we see only one set of footprints. It reminds us that we are never alone, and that God’s promise is to always be with us and to carry us when we go through our hardest times in life.

Arranger: Gill Bradbury
Sponsor: Rev Karen Hilsden

A Day Trip to the Seaside

Something many people enjoy in the summer, or at any time of year, is a journey to the seaside. Whether it is to play on the beach building sand castles, paddle in the sea or to stroll along the sea front and enjoy an ice cream. We remember how Jesus spent time walking along the seashore, watched the fishermen and called them to follow him.

Arranger: Irene Hirst
Sponsor: 2nd Stalybridge Brownies

Journey to the bottom of the Sea

A journey to the bottom of the sea is something that few of us will ever get the opportunity to do, but what a wonderful world of creatures live there. From those which have come to inhabit shipwrecks on the sea bed, to the colourful fish darting amongst the beautiful coral reefs.

In Psalm 139 we are reminded that whether we go to the heights of heaven or the farthest parts of the sea God is there. 

Arranger: Irene Hirst
Sponsor: The Craft Class

Journey through the Wilderness & Desert

To trek through mile upon mile of desert and then to come to an oasis, what a joy and a relief that is. The cool water, the shade of trees and the colour of plants and life. Our lives can sometimes feel like we are going through the desert, we can feel like we are in the wilderness, when we are anxious or sad and feel there is nothing ahead of us. Yet we have our oasis to head to - we need to come to God, to bring everything to him and he will give us the help we need. Jesus himself began his ministry in the desert and the wilderness and God gave him all the help he needed even when he was struggling, when the devil tempted him.

Arranger: Kathleen Williams
Sponsor: Marian Wynne

Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

Jesus’ life, like ours, was a journey. From his birth in Bethlehem, to the last week when on Palm Sunday he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, from there he shared a meal with his closest friends, went out into the garden and prayed before his arrest and trial and then the journey to the cross. Jesus knew all along this was why he came - to show through the cross how much God loved us. Through this journey we see how God is with us in our journey through life. We know the cross is not the end of the story and because the cross and death was not the end of Jesus’ story: death is not the end for us either. This is an amazing journey - Jesus shows us that the journey of love is one of victory.

Arranger: Kathleen Whitehead
Sponsor: Tuesday Group

Journey to the Scottish Highlands

One of the beautiful areas to visit in the United Kingdom is the Scottish Highlands, with its mountains, lochs and glens. We thank God for this beautiful part of the country which we can explore and enjoy.

Arranger: Irene Hirst
Sponsor: Stalybridge Flower Club

The Grand Tour

What a wonderful world God has created, a world full of wonder, a world full of variety and diversity. Some have attempted to travel the world in 80 days, still today some go travelling the world, experiencing the many wonders the world has. Thank God for the wonders of the world and opportunities to travel.

Can you recognise the country each arrangement represents – their national flower, emblem or symbol should give you a clue

Arranger: Jean Blair
Sponsor: Pantomime Group

Journey across the Red Sea

One amazing journey in the Old Testament is in the book of Exodus. Moses leads the Israelites through the Wilderness for 40 years to the land promised to them. One of the “adventures” on their journey was the crossing of the Red Sea. There was much joy and celebration as the Israelites journeyed to freedom.

Arranger: Lynne Stretton
Sponsor: Hurst Methodist Church

Flight in a Hot Air Balloon

From the first flight made in a hot air balloon in 1783 by the French, to the present day, this had been one of the most exciting and fascinating forms of travel. In 2002, Steve Fossett was the first person to complete a solo circumnavigation of the globe in just under 15 days in the “Spirit of Freedom.”

Arranger: Jean Blair
Sponsor: Noah’s Ark

The Yellow Brick Road

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy in her journey along the yellow brick road encounters the Tin Man, The Lion and the Scarecrow; they all have different problems. We too at different times can encounter fear, lack of confidence, worry, anxiety and all kinds of emotions and needs. Throughout the Bible time and time again we see the promise of God. Do not be afraid, I am with you and God’s promise to us is to strengthen us for our journey.

Arranger: Wyn Parker
Sponsor: 2nd Stalybridge Rainbows

Journey to the Moon

To explore outer space has always fascinated many, and history was made in July 1969 when the first manned spacecraft landed on the moon. How long before this becomes a holiday destination one wonders nowadays? However much we explore the universe, we can surely wonder at the marvel of God’s creation.

Arrangers: Betty Dewey & Margaret Hambleton
Sponsors:   Ashton & Ashcroft Families

Journey in the Country

We are blessed with the diversity of our country, with towns, villages, seaside and more urban areas. What a great feeling, when we can take a break and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation - appreciating the seasons and the glory of the world God has made.  Jesus took time to rest and withdraw and each of us needs time to relax and withdraw from daily life to allow ourselves to be recharged and renewed. Remember those times and places of renewal and give thanks to God.

Arranger: Jean Whitworth
Sponsors: Paul & Jean Whitworth

Journey in the Jungle

One of the most exciting holiday expeditions must be a trek through the jungle, with all the exotic plants, birds and animals. Truly a holiday to remember. One of the well-known explorers of the African jungle was David Livingstone in 1866.

Arranger: Brenda Wardle
Sponsor: Barbara Swindells

Going on Holiday

Going on a journey almost always involves taking luggage, whether it be a small holdall for a weekend trip or piles of suitcases for longer holidays. What a relief it is after carrying their weight to put them down and finally arrive and relax on arriving at our destination.

We can carry “luggage” on our journey through life - our worries, fears, anxieties but Jesus says: “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Arranger: Jean Blair
Sponsor: Poetry & Pie Society

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s book tells the story of Alice and her journey through wonderland, and all the people and creatures she meets. Who can forget the wonderful scene of the Mad Hatters Tea Party; or the Queen of Hearts tarts and croquet match; or the Cheshire cat to name but a few. Thank God for writers who take our minds and imaginations on journeys

Arranger: Hazel Carsberg
Sponsors: Stalybridge Women’s Institute

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