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Sunday Worship 10.45am


Her Majesty the Queen's 90th birthday was the theme of this whizz bang event on Thursday 30th June at Trinity Church which was full of joy, fun, goodies to eat and drink, entertainment, fellowship. And guess who greeted our guests? - none other than Her Majesty the Queen herself, well not quite but a life-size cardboard cut-out of her, complete with tiara and posh frock, standing next to her 90th birthday cake (the cake was real). Quite an impressive welcome for all her guests!

Vera and Ralph

Almost 40 people attended from all over the Circuit: people who are housebound or deserved a day out which they may not otherwise get a chance to have, and very importantly, some who were in their 90th birthday year, just like Her Majesty.

Whilst background music played quietly with films of Royal events on the screen, all our guests sat down to a lovely three course meal together with a good old cuppa. After the meal the guests joined in a quiz about the Royal family,and were up to the mark with their answers. There was a sing-along with some old favourites, and all those in their 90th year lit the candles on Her Majesty's 90th cake before ten birthday boys and girls blew them out!

the boys and girls

We sang Happy Birthday and God Save the Queen, and had a piece of birthday cake and a drink before our party-goers headed home. As a special extra treat each was given a beautiful book, The Servant Queen and the King she serves.

The event took a great deal of dedicated
planning and hard work by a great many generous hearted people from all over Circuit, and led again by our own very special lady, Rev Karen Hilsden.

We can't give enough praise to the many people from Circuit and Trinity who helped with planning and organizing of venue, invitations, lifts, helpers, and on actual day's proceedings - chairs and tables, linens, crockery, cutlery, food, singing, quiz etc. etc. etc, and not to be forgotten are all the lift givers. We have an abundance of talent in this Circuit, but we know that don't we.

We certainly know how to party! And, there will be another Holiday at Home event in the Autumn, so more fun to come!

Margaret Phillips

Activities in 2015

 "Holiday at Home"   
13th August 2015 at Trinity

Wow!!! What a day that was..... when Ashton Circuit invited Trinity to host this year's "Holiday at Home" event for housebound people in our Circuit, Trinity didn't know what to expect. A couple of committee meetings later, some very astute organization, invitations sent out, and we had it made.

The theme - a Cruise Ship - welcome refreshments, lunch - 3 courses naturally, entertainment, end of Cruise refreshments - the day had everything, including the people who kindly brought and took home the guest passengers.

Church was decorated as a Cruise Liner complete with ship's wheel, sea and sand. Dining room laid out to perfection. Dashing Captain Graham greeted all his delighted guests personally. Val, our entertainments officer was on form: we were taken up the Grand Canal in Venice on a Gondola, to see the elephants at a watering hole on Sarafi, to Dubai to see the amazing, huge, skyscrapers all glittering in the sun, and so much more.  There was community singing, flags waving, Eleanor and Callum sang New York, and Rule Britannia, and other memorable songs from the musicals, and Val gave an enlightening running commentary on all the places we visited.  The passengers had a whale of a time. 

At lunchtime there was a delicious menu and our young friends  Joe, Sam and Callum waited on everyone.  Captain Graham spoke to everyone of his guests at their tables.  A team of very talented chefs, Irene, Mavis and Pat from Circuit reigned supreme in the kitchen, ably helped by a lot willing "galley slaves", who also helped wait on. Puddings supplied by Trinity's own Anne, Rachel and Nat, were a treat, and Rev Karen kept her eye on everything, even taking orders from the guests for their food and drink preferences. A right royal time was had by all.  The afternoon cruise took us to more places, with more refreshments enjoyed.

It was kind of like a virtual reality journey round the world, but with live entertainment and really superb culinary delights, and extremely pleasant company.

What a time was had and our exhilerated passengers were taken safely and happily home. 

A big thank you to Circuit for inviting Trinity to host, and especially Rev Karen for her vision for the day, and to Rev Graham, Val, Susan and all the committee.  A very big thank you to all who helped - you were truly treasures. 

Aren't we lucky to have opportunities like this.  We are very blessed. 

Margaret Phillips  


Trinity Audenshaw's New Building 


A short history of the new building development

Trinity Church was formed in 2004 from the union of three churches, Red Hall Methodist Church, Guide Lane Methodist Church and Audenshaw United Reformed Church. Since then, the united congregation has been responding to local needs and these have become the inspiration for the innovative new building opened in 2008.

Deacon Roger Hensman noted that a blue banner painted above the sanctuary in the demolished building used to read 'Worship The Lord In The Beauty of Holiness'. He asked whether the holiness is in the building or in us?  

Trinity already provides much needed meeting space for local groups in an area where there are few other accessible facilities. Its work has been supported by user groups, local businesses and the MP Andrew Gwynne. With their encouragement, Trinity is set to create a flexible, multi-purpose facility.  

The old Red Hall Church has been 
demolished to make way 
for the new building.

On Saturday 1st December 2007 an outdoor service was held to mark completion of foundations of the new church building. Deacon Roger Hensman says "We didn't have a civic stone-laying ceremony but an informal service of thanksgiving and prayer for the site, the workers and the future mission of the church. We pasted printed prayers on some of the girders in strategic places like the main entrance, Sanctuary, etc." 

The following reading from the Old Testament book of Ezra (Ch3 v10-11), was used in the service:

When the builders completed the foundation of the LORD's Temple , the priests put on their robes and took their places to blow their trumpets. And the Levites, descendants of Asaph, clashed their cymbals to praise the LORD, just as King David had prescribed.

With praise and thanks, they sang this song to the LORD:
                           "He is so good!
                            His faithful love for Israel endures forever!     

Then all the people gave a great shout, praising the LORD because the foundation of the LORD's Temple had been laid.

To view or download copy of the full Order of Service used click here

a simple alter made of breeze blocks was used in the service

The new building will be run with renewable energy, using a ground source heat pump for under-floor heating and solar power for the hot water supply. Creation of green space, including refurbishment of a small memorial garden and a new community garden, will enhance the immediate environment.  

Not only will existing community groups continue to use the church, but the congregation is extending its involvement with the local primary school, which will relocate its Before and After School Club to the new premises.

Circuit property Steward and Trinity Church member Audrey Hensman, acknowledges that it has been a long journey for the three original churches. Audrey says, "Each congregation has had to come to terms with the closure of a much-loved building, but Trinity has been securely rooted in its aim of serving Christ in the community and with God's help the new church will be equipped to spread the gospel amongst the communities of Audenshaw, Guide Bridge and Denton well into the 21st century.

The new church through the old railings



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